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Four color printing
1. 所謂四色即:青(C)、品紅(M)、黃(Y)、黑(K)四種油墨,所有顏色都可以通過這四種油墨混合而成,終實現彩色圖文。
The so-called four colors refer to four types of inks: cyan (C), magenta (M), yellow (Y), and black (K). All colors can be mixed through these four inks to achieve color graphics and text.
2. 普通也是常見的印刷,不同承印物上印出的效果不同。
2. Ordinary and common printing, with different effects printed on different substrates.
Spot color printing
1. 山東印刷包裝廠家提醒您,專色印刷是指在印刷時專門用一種特殊的油墨來印刷該顏色,比四色混合出的顏色更鮮亮。常用的是專金,專銀。
1. Shandong printing and packaging manufacturers remind you that spot color printing refers to the use of a special ink to print the color during printing, which is brighter than the color mixed with four colors. Commonly used are specialized gold and specialized silver.
2. 專色顏色很多,參考潘通色卡,專色無法實現漸變印刷,有需要則加入四色印刷。
2. There are many spot colors, please refer to the Pantone color card. Spot colors cannot achieve gradient printing, so if necessary, add four color printing.
Overgloss adhesive
1. 印刷后,以透明塑料薄膜通過熱壓覆貼到印刷品表面,起保護及增加光澤的作用,表面光亮,見下圖。
1. After printing, a transparent plastic film is applied to the surface of the printed material through hot pressing to protect and increase luster. The surface is bright, as shown in the following figure.
2. 紙盒表面處理基本工藝。類似的還有過光油,但是過膠能增強紙張的硬度和抗拉性能。
2. Basic process for surface treatment of paper boxes. Similarly, there is also glossy oil, but overgluing can enhance the hardness and tensile properties of the paper.
Oversaturated adhesive
1. 印刷后,以透明塑料薄膜通過熱壓覆貼到印刷品表面,起保護及增加光澤的作用,表面啞光,見下圖。
1. After printing, a transparent plastic film is applied to the surface of the printed material through hot pressing to protect and increase luster. The surface is matte, as shown in the following figure.
2. 紙盒表面處理基本工藝,類似的還有過光油,但是過膠能增強紙張的硬度和抗拉性能。
2. The basic process of surface treatment for paper boxes is similar to using gloss, but using glue can enhance the hardness and tensile properties of the paper.
Over UV
1. 印刷品需要突出的部位進行局部上光提亮,使局部圖案更有立體效果。
1. The protruding parts of the printed product need to be locally polished and brightened to make the local pattern more three-dimensional.
2. 配合過啞膠工藝印制,過光膠時沒有效果。
2. When printed with matte glue process, there is no effect when printed with glossy glue.
Hot stamping
1. 燙印是利用熱壓轉移的原理,將電化鋁中的鋁層轉印到承印物表面以形成特殊的金屬光澤效果。
1. Hot stamping is the process of using the principle of hot press transfer to transfer the aluminum layer in anodized aluminum onto the surface of the substrate to create a special metallic luster effect.
2. 印原料有金、銀、紅、綠、藍等各個顏色,但是燙印只能是單色,顏色種類繁多,但不是什么顏色市場都有。
2. Printing materials include various colors such as gold, silver, red, green, and blue, but hot stamping can only be single color, with a wide variety of colors, but not all colors are available in the market.
Bump bump
1. 采用一組圖文陰陽對應的凹模板和凸模板,將承印物置于其間,通過施加較大的壓力壓出浮雕狀凹凸圖文。
1. Use a set of concave and convex templates corresponding to the yin and yang of the graphics and text, place the substrate between them, and apply significant pressure to press out the embossed concave and convex graphics and text.
2. 各種厚度紙張都可以,紙板做不了擊凸。
2. Paper of various thicknesses is acceptable, but cardboard cannot be embossed.
Spray code
1. 用噴碼機在產品上噴印標識(生產日期、保質期、批號、企業logo等)的過程。
1. The process of printing identification (production date, shelf life, batch number, company logo, etc.) on a product using an inkjet printer.
2. 可以噴印簡單的字符圖案,靈活性更強。
2. It can spray print simple character patterns for greater flexibility.
Composite bag
1. 復合袋適用于食品、電子產品、化工、醫藥、茶葉等產品的真空包裝或一般包裝。
1. Composite bags are suitable for vacuum packaging or general packaging of food, electronic products, chemical, pharmaceutical, tea, and other products.
2. 可做的工藝和紙張基本相同,可以絲印,印刷,燙印。
2. The process that can be done is basically the same as that of paper, which can be silk screen printing, hot stamping.
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