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Now the calendar has gradually become a kind of promotional material. Many enterprises and companies will make many calendars as gifts to consumers in order to attract consumers. Do you know what is included in the post-processing of the calendar and desk calendar after printing? Next, Jinan desk calendar manufacturer will answer for you.
1. Beautiful. Since it is peritoneum, that is, there is a layer of membrane on the medium surface, then this membrane is very particular. There are matte, specular, suede, cloth, laser and luminous for users to choose from.
2. Resistance to friction. The surface of the photo paper is very smooth. The smoother the surface is, the more resistant it is to friction. If you pay little attention to the photo surface, it will be worn out. After the peritoneum, you can better protect the photo surface and solve the problem of friction on the surface.
3. Fade resistant. Fading resistance is an important feature of retroperitoneum. The calendar and desk calendar are all hung and displayed, and the time requirement is at least one year. So whether they can be fadeless in this year is a minimum requirement. Because of the different environment and the specific location of the hanging and display, the fading condition of the photos is different. Compared with the photos without peritoneum, the fading resistance of the photos with surface retroperitoneum will increase several times.
4. Waterproof. Waterproof photo paper generally has a certain waterproof ability, and pigment ink also has a waterproof effect, but this ability is limited, but now many people like to use waterproof photo paper, why? Because it is cheap, peritoneum is needed. Why not use waterproof photo paper. Now many people are also using dye ink. Dye ink does not have waterproof performance. It can solve the waterproof problem after peritoneum.
If you print the calendar yourself, you can choose some good materials, inks and dyes, and you can choose the ones with better quality, so that the calendars produced in the later stage will not fade or blur, and you will also be happy to use them, and you can also choose the ones with smoother paper, which is very comfortable to feel. You can come to our website at any time if you have any requirements http://www.lyjinshayun.com consulting service
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