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來源:http://www.lyjinshayun.com/   發布時間:2023-01-13
The promotion of hotel album printing is self-evident. Especially for those high-end business people, a beautiful hotel album can impress them to become your long-term customers. However, to be very good, the quality of Jinan album printing must meet the requirements. In addition to the selection of paper and ink, the post-printing process of hotel album printing cannot be ignored.
Nowadays, the competition in the hotel industry tends to be white-hot, and the game between the major groups is increasingly fierce. As an effective way to enhance the competitiveness of the hotel market and consolidate the brand strength, hotel album printing must work hard in design and production, and use different forms to expand the company's external publicity. A good hotel album design can reflect the scale, nature, service points, etc. of the hotel, leaving consumers with a visual aesthetic feeling, which is unforgettable. Faced with the problem of how to ensure the printing quality of the hotel album, the measures taken are to improve the printing process quality of the hotel album.
The specific way to summarize is to formulate a detailed processing plan according to the existing equipment conditions and technical strength of the workshop, including the processing sequence, process methods, materials, equipment used and quality standards, and indicate the quality points to be paid attention to during the production of the products in each process, so as to improve the strength and effect of the self-inspection of the machine personnel, thus better prevent the occurrence of quality accidents, and stabilize and improve the quality level of the hotel album printing. In addition, after receiving the customer's order, the production management personnel should first understand the process requirements and the quality of the materials used, make a rough sample and confirm whether the processing can meet the established requirements.
The post-press process is essentially a process of refining the hotel concept and presenting the essence, rather than a simple superposition of pictures and words. A good hotel picture album should give people artistic infection, strength display and spirit presentation, rather than dull words and rigid pictures. Come to our website for more relevant content http://www.lyjinshayun.com Ask!
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