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In our daily lives, we all have the experience of using handbags. As a very practical and convenient item, handbags can bring great convenience to people both in work and life. However, how many friends truly understand the production methods and craftsmanship of Jinan handbags? Let's get to know together
1、 Handbag printing paper
The paper used for printing the handbag can be 250g or 300g coated paper. If there are requirements for load-bearing quality, 250g or 300g coated paper, white cardboard, matte paper, etc. can be selected to achieve greater load-bearing capacity and better printing effect.
2、 Handbag printing size
The general printing size of a handbag is 205 * 310 * 80mm; 250*340*70mm; 290*415*85mm; You can choose the printing size of the handbag according to your actual needs.
3、 Handbag printing processing technology
After printing, the handbag needs to be covered with film or roped in order to be formed. The rope printed on the handbag can be nylon rope, cotton rope, or paper rope. If the printing size of the handbag is large, it is necessary to reinforce the rivets at the rope hole to resist tension.
How to choose the printing process for handbags
The commonly used processing techniques for product handbags include gold stamping, silver stamping, embossing, UV, glossy film or matte film, etc. The processing technology can highlight the design theme, brighten the surface color of the paper, increase the texture grade, and enhance the feel and sensory. And the pattern is clear and adds the finishing touch. To prevent yellowing, fading, and damage to the paper, some even require a transparent board to be made to see the internal products.
Handbag printing process flow
Design and Material Selection
The design and production of paper bags is a key link in the entire paper bag production process. Most paper bags are an extension of corporate image and product advertising strategies, so the materials used, decorative techniques, and forms of expression are closely related to the purpose and efficacy of paper bags.
Handbag covered with film
Film coating, also known as post press overmolding, post press gluing, or post press film application, refers to a paper plastic integrated post press finishing process that covers the surface of a printed product with a layer of 0.012-0.020 mm thick transparent plastic film. It is generally divided into two processes: pre coating and instant coating. There are two types of thin film materials: high gloss film and low gloss film.
Throughout the entire process, we need to strengthen the evaluation and management of the process, as well as the execution of the first article confirmation procedure before mass production of each process. At the same time, we need to strictly track and control the production process. Any good process must rely on strict execution of process procedures to ensure. For more related content, come to our website http://www.lyjinshayun.com consulting service
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