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來源:http://www.lyjinshayun.com/   發布時間:2023-04-07
Nowadays, packaging is no longer a single and pure packaging. The use of packaging has brought us convenience, but there are also many issues to pay attention to when packaging and printing. Therefore, today, Shandong printing and packaging manufacturers will introduce the precautions for packaging and printing to everyone.
1. Pay attention to changes in the printing plate.
Pay attention to observing whether the small dots on the shiny area of the printing plate are worn, whether there are scratches on the layout, and whether the printing plate is loose.
2. Pay attention to the sample sheet.
During the packaging printing process, there will always be some changes in the ink supply and water supply determined during the trial printing process. It should be frequently carried out through spot checks on the printed samples, with the focus on observing the overprinting and ink color of the printed samples.
3. Pay attention to changes in ink.
The ink in the ink bucket flows naturally due to its own weight, and the amount of ink produced depends on the gap between the ink bucket and the blade of the ink bucket. Therefore, the amount of ink filled in the ink bucket directly affects the ink output. Therefore, in order to maintain a stable ink output, it is necessary to regularly maintain the ink volume in the ink bucket.
4. Pay attention to changes in the amount of water in the layout.
During the packaging and printing process, the printing plate should maintain a moderate amount of water. If the water content of the layout is large, the ink will be severely emulsified, the imprint will lose its luster, and the overprinting will be inaccurate. If the water content of the layout is too low, the blank parts will be prone to getting dirty. Therefore, it is necessary to observe the changes in the water content of the layout based on sampling or layout brightness, and make timely adjustments.
In addition, if any faults are found during the packaging and printing process, warning paper should be inserted and marked for key inspection in future processes to improve printing efficiency. For more related content, come to our website http://www.lyjinshayun.com consulting service
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