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Leather notebook notebooks are suitable for various types of enterprise office spaces. The design style and materials used are also highly commercial, and generally highlight some personalized features in printing design. Here we will mainly talk about - Jinan leather notebook notepad printing to pay attention to color, location, and other matters!
Printing color: The printing color of a leather notebook should be coordinated with its leather material. Generally, dark colors such as black, dark gray, and dark blue are selected to highlight its high quality and high-end feel.
Printing position: The printing position of the leather notebook should be selected in the center of the front or back of the notebook. The printing area should not be too large to avoid affecting the aesthetics.
Printing content: The printing content of a leather notebook should be concise and concise, and it can print brand names, logos, product models, and other information to improve its recognition and brand value.
Printing method: The printing method of leather notebook can choose high-end printing techniques such as gold stamping, embossing, and silver stamping to increase its texture and grade.
Printing quality: The printing quality of leather bound notebooks should be high, and the printed patterns and text should be clear, plump, and non fading to ensure their beauty and durability.
In addition, many customers feel that the printed cover of a notebook is not important, while the content of the inside page is important. In fact, this understanding is incorrect. The quality of a printed cover design directly determines its appearance and image. A good cover design must first attract the attention of consumers.
Most notebooks are packed with rolls of punched holes, which is also known as loose-leaf binding. It is important to pay attention to the selection of punching positions. There are two methods for punching holes in a roll notebook, one is upper, and the other is left. So it's time for us to drill holes. This requires enterprises to design according to their own needs, which is also something printing companies need to pay special attention to.
The printing issues of leather bound notebooks require attention to printing color, location, content, method, and quality. Only by carefully grasping and fully considering these aspects can high-quality leather bound notebooks be printed. Come to our website if you have any needs http://www.lyjinshayun.com consulting service
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