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The raw material of the handbag is wood pulp, which has natural, renewable, and environmentally friendly characteristics. Generally, spray production technology is used to mix and shape fibers as needed, which are then pressed into shape, followed by printing, lamination, film coating, and other processing processes, and finally cut into the shape of a handbag. Although this process is relatively simple, it requires advanced production equipment and process technology to ensure the high quality and efficiency of the handbag.
1、 The size and capacity of the handbag
The size and capacity of Jinan tote bags need to consider the size and quantity of gifts loaded. If the handbag is too small, the gift may not fit inside; If the handbag is too large, the gift will be loose and affect the overall effect. So when choosing the size of a custom handbag, it is necessary to refer to the size and quantity of the gift to determine.
2、 The material of the handbag
The material of the handbag needs to be selected according to the actual situation. If you need a customized gift handbag to be used only as a short-term gift, you can choose some cheaper materials, such as paper or plastic bags. But if you want to use a handbag as a long-term promotional item, choose some high-quality materials, such as canvas or nylon, which have good toughness and durability, and the bag can be reused.
3、 Color and printing of handbags
The color and printing of the handbag need to be determined based on the company's standard colors and promotional needs. When choosing the color and printing of the handbag, consideration should be given to the combination and coordination of colors to make the appearance of the handbag beautiful, attract attention, and enhance the promotional effect.
Handbags can adapt to various shapes and sizes of items, have strong load-bearing capacity and tear resistance, and also have certain waterproof properties. In addition, because paper tote bags use advanced technology and craftsmanship, they can achieve personalized design and printing, becoming a good carrier for personalized gifts, advertising, and other aspects.
Different seasons have different atmospheres and atmospheres. Choosing colors that are suitable for the season can better integrate into the atmosphere of the season, increase resonance, and enhance brand recognition. For example, in spring, you can choose light green, light yellow, and other light and bright colors. In summer, you can choose bright blue, yellow, and other refreshing colors. In autumn, you can choose warm colors such as reddish brown and deep yellow. In winter, you can choose dark colors, such as black, gray, and deep blue, which are thicker and heavier. For more related content, come to our website http://www.lyjinshayun.com consulting service
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