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來源:http://www.lyjinshayun.com/   發布時間:2023-05-22
Album printing is a necessary promotional material for many enterprises. In order to further enhance their corporate image, many enterprises choose special paper printing when printing their albums. High grade paper can more intuitively highlight the company's strength. However, special paper is different from ordinary paper in printing. Today, I will take you to understand the issues that should be paid attention to when printing special paper art books.
When printing with special paper, attention should be paid to whether there is a conflict between the pattern and the direction of the album binding. Using a cost-effective paper opening method can save costs and achieve good results; Paper with rich surface texture and clear patterns may not be able to adhere to the ink during printing, resulting in slight leakage along the patterns. Some special types of paper may be uneven, and cannot be used for situations where the mesh fineness is high;
Some domestic pearlescent paper differs from imported pearlescent paper in terms of ink color. Domestic paper has poor ink color and is usually darker after printing, while imported pearlescent paper avoids such problems; Therefore, for clothing brochures with high requirements for color and color, it is not recommended to use domestically produced pearlescent paper. However, some brochures can still be designed using domestically produced pearlescent paper. This mainly depends on the design drawings and the customer's requirements for the printing effect of the album, after all, imported paper will be much more expensive.
printing ink
Special paper with a particularly smooth surface has poor ink absorption and can become sticky and dirty when printed without paying attention. So it is good to choose fast drying ink, and to add drying oil that can promote rapid drying of ink to various colors of ink, improve the drying speed of ink, and avoid paper surface fouling during printing.
For special types of paper with high surface smoothness, such as pearlescent paper, ice white paper, and high color glossy paper, the ink color should not be too saturated during printing, and a normal ink supply should be used. Because the smoother the surface of the paper, the poorer its ink absorption, and the greater the amount of ink given, the more likely it is to cause dirt on the back of the paper.
Special paper with a rough surface, such as hand kneaded paper, double adhesive paper, rice paper, kraft paper, writing paper, Daolin paper, etc., may have patterns and are not smooth to the touch. When printing, this type of paper has good ink absorption, and the ink will penetrate into the grain of the paper. After the ink dries, the color of the printed product observed with the naked eye will become lighter, and the printing quality will also be reduced. So, for this type of special paper, the ink supply during printing is slightly larger than usual, and the requirements for saturation are also higher.
Trial printing
When printing special paper, every time the machine is stopped, it will vibrate due to machine pressure, causing the first 10 printed pieces to have darker colors and unstable colors. Especially when printing flat screen live parts, excessive downtime can cause greater waste. In addition, due to the high price of special paper, the material allowance given by the staff when placing an order is very small. In addition, the printing requirements of special paper are higher than those of ordinary paper. If the usual printing habits are followed, it is difficult for the captain to ensure the quantity and quality of printing.
So the captain's assistant must place about 10 sheets of other thickness white paper or single sided white paper on top of the special paper on the paper feeding table in the gap between the receiving tray and the board (that is, printed live parts on one side are mostly waste products left after quality inspection, and the back is white, which can be turned over and used to run ink on the printing machine, etc.). After starting the machine in this way, single sided white paper or other thickness white paper will be printed first. When printing special paper, the color can be stable and unified, thereby ensuring the printing quality of special paper.
dry by airing
Different types of special paper have different ink absorption properties, and paper with a smooth surface is not easy to dry. It must be left for a long time to dry before sorting, otherwise it may cause dirt on the back.
Special paper printing is not an easy task. Before printing, it is necessary to be careful and control all aspects to ensure the smooth progress of printing production. If there are any other matters, please come to our website http://www.lyjinshayun.com consulting service
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