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來源:http://www.lyjinshayun.com/   發布時間:2023-05-12
Notepad is a daily notebook that we use every day. Usually, when companies customize and print notepads, they add some company logo, address, phone number, and product cultural information on the cover. Some companies also make inserts and business cards outside of the notebook. Notepad is not only very practical, but also an effective ambassador for promoting the company's brand and products.
Jinan leather notebook printing can be divided into business notebook, personalized notebook, and student notebook. Business notebooks are suitable for various types of corporate office spaces, and the design style and materials used are also highly commercial.
Personalized notebooks are mostly a type of printed notebooks used in people's daily lives. Unlike business notebooks, they often have very delicate covers and inner pages, and generally highlight some personalized features in printing design.
Student notebooks are mainly used by students in their daily learning. Student notebook printing is relatively simple in production compared to business notebooks. Compared to other types of notebook printing, this type of notebook printing is a cost-effective product.


What should I pay attention to when printing a notebook?
1、 When it comes to the cover design of notebooks, many customers believe that the printed cover is not important, but the content on the inner page is important. However, this understanding is incorrect. The quality of the cover design in notebook printing directly determines its appearance and image. A good cover design must first attract the attention of consumers.
2、 Most notebooks use coil punching binding method, which is a loose leaf binding method. This requires attention to the selection of punching positions. There are only two ways to punch holes in the coil notebook, one is on the top and the other is on the left. So where exactly do we need to drill holes? This requires enterprises to design according to their own needs, which is also something that our printing company needs to pay special attention to.
That's all for the introduction and precautions of notepad printing types. We hope it can be helpful to you. For more information, please come to our website http://www.lyjinshayun.com Consult and understand!
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