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When printing on the spot, in addition to the ink cover, the ink roll shedding material is also easy to stick to the ink layer. It is irregular triangle on the ink layer, with black dots in the middle and white circles around the shedding material, which outlines the shape of the shedding material and affects the quality of the printed product. In order to prevent this phenomenon, Jinan Printing Factory reminds you that it is very important to strengthen the daily maintenance and reasonable use of ink rollers. The methods are as follows:
① The ink roller should always be kept clean. After a product is printed, the ink roller should be cleaned and scrubbed on holidays, without any ink dirt and sundries, so as to avoid the surface conjunctiva.
② The aging of ink rollers is mainly caused by light and heat. The ink roller shall not be placed in the sun or near the hot air or radiator to prevent the surface from aging or the ink roller from becoming sticky and soft. The ink roller shall be placed on the ink roller wooden frame in a dry and cool place when not in use on holidays.
③ Do not contact with nonvolatile oil for a long time. Such as engine oil, ink mixing oil, butter, etc., should not be in contact with the ink roller for a long time, or the rubber roller surface is prone to swelling, deformation and cracking.
④ The ink roller shall avoid the phenomenon of glue erosion and slag falling caused by the erosion of offset printing wetting liquid. The offset printing wetting liquid is a weak acid substance, which contains surfactant, wetting agent, emulsifier and other substances. Do not fill the bucket when adding the wetting liquid, otherwise it will spill on the ink roller, or the chemical substances in the wetting liquid will corrode the ink roller after excessive water.
⑤ Generally, manual and mechanical grinding is used to eliminate the ink roller falling off, to remove the conjunctiva layer and the rotten glue layer. However, pay attention to the diameter and size of the ink roller, and do not polish too much. If the ink roller is seriously damaged and aged, it is recommended to replace the cracked and aged rubber roller and use a new ink roller to ensure the quality of printing products.
The above is the knowledge that Jinan Printing Factory has brought to you to strengthen the maintenance of ink rollers. I hope you will pay more attention to it, otherwise it will not pay off if the printing quality is affected. For more information, please visit our website http://www.lyjinshayun.com Consult!
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