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What do you know about the printing purpose and material selection of different file bags? Let the Jinan printing factory analyze several aspects for you.
The archive bag printing is mainly designed with simple words and signs. It can be divided into monochrome printing, two-color printing or four-color printing. Its main function is to collect some information. The enterprise is mainly used to collect some company information, plans, contracts, confidentiality agreements, etc., so as to facilitate induction and sorting and easy to find in the future.
While students are used to pack some achievements that can prove their learning progress, innovation spirit and knowledge and skills (including plans, drafts, achievements, evaluations, relevant materials, etc.). The portfolio can be said to record a series of growth of students in a certain period. It is an ideal way to evaluate the progress process, effort, self-examination ability and development level of students.
The printing specification of the archive bag can be adjusted and determined according to the content to be loaded. The materials can be produced with various paper with appropriate tension. Now kraft paper archive bag printing is an indispensable thing for enterprise office, and many companies and manufacturers will use it.
Some large companies will design and print archive bags with their own characteristics, so as to highlight the company's strength or promote the company's image. Most people have no idea of the number of grams of paper, and do not know how thick kraft paper is suitable for making archive bags. The thickness of paper also affects the beauty of the archive bags. Therefore, it is also important to select the right material.
Generally speaking, the gram of kraft paper used for file bag printing is between 120-450 g, and different grams are selected according to different uses of customers.
Kraft paper archive bags are printed to hold some documents of A4 paper size. If they are not heavy, imported kraft paper products of 125-150g or domestic kraft paper products of 150-180g can be selected. At the same time, natural color or white kraft paper can be selected according to the needs of the company. Natural color kraft paper is commonly used.
If you require that the kraft paper archive bag be erected and placed conveniently after printing, you need to use 300g-450g kraft paper. This gram thick kraft paper has good stiffness and hardness. The archive bag can be erected like a folder, and it can also be used to put some heavy items without breaking.
The above is a brief introduction to the use of kraft paper products with different grams to make archive bags according to different uses of archive bag printing. I hope it can help you. You can follow our website http://www.lyjinshayun.com Yes, learn more!
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