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Stereoscopic printing can reproduce objects realistically and has a strong stereoscopic sense. The product has clear image, rich levels, vivid image and profound artistic conception; The stereoscopic printing originals are mostly designed by modeling or scenery shooting. The printing materials are generally printed by high-quality coated paper and high-temperature resistant ink, with good gloss, bright colors and not easy to fade;
The surface of the printed matter is covered with a concave convex lenticular grating plate, which can directly view the three-dimensional effect of the panoramic picture. From the perspective of people's stereovision of objects, stereovision of objects mainly comes from people's physiological factors, experience and psychological factors.
The advantages of stereoscopic printing in packaging design are also obvious. For example, the contents of stereoscopic printing technology are complex, and the investment in special equipment required is quite large. It plays an irreplaceable role in maintaining the brand. As a consumer, it is easy to see whether it is true or not, so it has a good anti-counterfeiting function.
The changing effect of stereoscopic printing can not be satisfied by traditional plane printing. No matter what kind of design, it is full of three-dimensional feeling. The function can always easily catch other people's attention and attract more people's attention. Especially with the continuous development of the times, the packaging design innovation brought about by more and more people's three-dimensional printing can uniquely display the product attributes, so as to enhance the added value of product quality.
In addition, the packaging printing inevitably involves the problem of packaging pattern. If the pattern printing is not good, the quality will be affected. Therefore, before printing, it is necessary to determine the problem of pictures. Attention should be paid to both design and selection. The pictures selected by enterprises will also have an impact on consumers. Therefore, the packaging patterns must be well designed.
Jinan printing and packaging manufacturers believe that there are numerous packaging and printing companies in the current market, but some of these companies are formal companies and some are informal companies. As an enterprise, these companies must be screened to see which companies are formal. When choosing, even if the price of formal companies is a little more expensive, they should also choose formal companies.
That's all for stereoscopic printing in the process of printing and packaging. You can use it as a reference. Of course, for more information, you can follow our website www.xinfengyinhua Cn!
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