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來源:http://www.lyjinshayun.com/   發布時間:2022-05-30
When it comes to album design, it is a common phenomenon that there are many pictures in the elements. Many pictures have many advantages. Through the ingenious graphic layout design of the album, the enterprise's publicity album can clearly convey information and quickly capture the attention of the viewer. So, what are the requirements for the composition of multi picture album design? Next, let's take you to learn how to handle the graphic layout of the layout in the case of multi picture album.
The process of album design and production itself is a process of matching and integrating pictures, words, colors, etc., in which words play a great role. Horizontal arrangement can give people a sense of balance and stability, while vertical arrangement will appear straight and serious. The inclination of fonts breaks the balance of the picture and pursues better visual effects. Therefore, it is very important to arrange pictures and texts according to different needs.
The placement of multiple pictures is also exquisite. Whether it is left aligned, right aligned or centered can bring different aesthetic effects to the viewer. The collocation of colors highlights the theme and shows the style. Light colors are calm and quiet, dark colors are serious and dignified, and the impact of different colors can show the style and make visual impact. Therefore, in the process of multi picture album design, we should carefully consider and reasonably match.
We need to have a basic typesetting concept for these things. Although the printing factory also has experience, we need to have an estimate of the perfect effect that the album wants to show. For example, we know where the important content is placed and what pictures are placed in order to be eye-catching. This is directly related to the finished product of the album printing, and we should pay attention to it.
We need to design some details, such as what color font to use and what size font to use, which should be implemented specifically, because it will affect the length of the article and the thickness of the album. We should also have a basic concept of the overall album printing tone, such as what theme album should use the corresponding warm color style or cold color style.
Jinan album printing factory believes that many conditions will affect the quality of album printing when the album is printed, such as printing machine, paper, ink, staff, temperature difference and printing comparison. It is better to be realistic than good reputation. Advanced printing equipment, printing technicians, raw material color matching and temporary operation, workshop working environment and the responsibilities of operating staff are all considered.
Before the album printing, the design of multi picture composition pays attention to the relevant content. You can follow our website to find out more about the album printing www.xinfangyinhua Cn.
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