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If you see some products with rough luster in the market, it is because you have not done the work to improve the luster. Therefore, if you want to improve the product, you should appropriately improve the gloss. Here are several methods.
Adjust the machine correctly
Whether the thickness of the imprint ink layer meets the standard will also affect the gloss. For example, the pressure adjustment is not good, the dot expansion rate is high, the ink layer thickness is not up to standard, and the gloss of the finished product is slightly poor. The pressure should be adjusted so that the expansion rate of the dot is controlled at about 15% as far as possible.
Improved acid wetting solution
The acid wetting solution is mainly chromic acid and phosphoric acid. Although diluted, the pH is still between 3.5 and 5.6. The stronger the acidity, the greater the decomposition and corrosion ability of ink binder and pigment, resulting in rough surface and reduced gloss of embossing film.
Pay attention to dust removal
Dust removal powder will agglomerate like ink, especially in poorly sealed bags or barrels. When the powder is wet, it will agglomerate into larger particles and spray it on the wet ink, making the surface of the ink layer rough and reducing the original size. Some luster, so pay attention to moisturizing when spraying. The mechanism of the powder spraying device is provided with a heating device. When using the powder spraying device, check whether the heating device is faulty.
Proper use of dry oil
For bright and fast drying ink, it has sufficient drying capacity under normal temperature and humidity. In the case of low temperature and low humidity in winter, if it is necessary to add anti adhesion agent, debonding agent, thin ink varnish, etc., dry oil should be added.
Shandong printing and packaging believes that in the printing operation, the correct use of dry oil is very beneficial to the formation of finished product luster. This is because it takes time for the paper to absorb the adhesive. In this process, the adhesive coagulates as soon as possible until the conjunctiva is dry, which is the key to good gloss of the finished product.
Therefore, if you want to improve the printing gloss, you can try from the above aspects. Of course, you should also pay attention to whether there are problems. It is very important to do a good job of prevention. For more information, please visit www.xinfengyinhua.com Let's have a look.
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