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來源:http://www.lyjinshayun.com/   發布時間:2022-05-04
  Every year there will be a fixed calendar custom printing time, many businesses or users will understand this aspect of matters, including the choice of manufacturers, the comparison of related processing, in addition to the selection of materials and conventional size of calendar custom, let's talk about the selection of materials and conventional size of calendar custom.
  Enterprise printing desk calendar is generally copper plate paper is generally very low 105G, very high 400G, it is recommended to choose the desk calendar paper with 250g to 400g effect. Coated paper is mainly used for printing picture albums, covers, postcards, exquisite product samples and color trademarks.
  Copperplate paper printing pressure should not be too large, to choose offset resin ink and light ink. To prevent the back sticky dirty, can be used to add dirty agent, dusting powder and other methods. Copper sheet paper is divided into single-sided smooth and double-sided smooth.
  Printing calendar also need a lining inside, stents, generally with double gray cardboard or single-sided white paper board, thickness is usually about 1000 g, skin can package process can make the calendar in the late of specialty paper together with very high-grade, then add some process, such as hot stamping silver pressed, is out of the finished product after desk calendar effect will be quite good.
  Matte paper is matte coated paper, observed in sunlight, compared with coated paper, less reflective. The pattern printed with it, although not as colorful as coated paper, but the pattern is more delicate than coated paper, more high-grade.
  The size of the desk calendar is more commonly used and the appropriate size of the long desk calendar: 240mmX140mm, da Ye folio spell 14 pages 240mmX110mm, da ye folio spell 14 pages 210mmX140mm, da ye folio spell 16 pages high desk calendar: 165mmX170mm broadleaf spelling 15 pages 190mmX170mm broadleaf spelling 12 pages 190mmX175mm broadleaf spelling 12 pages, the number of desk calendar according to the actual content of the page increase.
  Ji 'nan printing manufacturers remind you that the desk calendar must be careful when making a plate, and must be made according to the binding method. The book-type desk calendar making a plate is inverted when turning left and right, and will make a sample to make a finished product before printing.
  Desk calendar in daily life functions highlighted the relative simplicity, but it has played a role. If you want a unique desk calendar that does not repeat with others, choose customized, related problems are explained above, but also want to know more to consult the website www.lyjinshayun.com.
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