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來源:http://www.lyjinshayun.com/   發布時間:2022-04-04
  Ji 'nan printing shows that many times there are a variety of problems in the printing process, the most common problem is the removal of the printing paper powder, so in the face of this situation how to deal with it?
  General paper product quality is not good, will lead to paper wool, powder removal failure. In addition to advising paper-making manufacturers to improve product quality as soon as possible, managers can also take corresponding measures according to the specific conditions of printed paper.
  Because the viscosity of ink is too easy to cause paper wool off powder, so it should be appropriate to adjust the viscosity of the ink, can be added in the ink viscosity and diluent to reduce the viscosity to improve the viscosity of the ink, knot on paper effect.
  For the paper that is easy to lose hair and powder, such as offset paper, letterpress paper, writing paper, etc., be sure to dry the paper before printing leaflets, and remove the dust on the paper surface, paper powder, paper scraps and paper.
  Ji 'nan printing suggestions should adjust the printing pressure, appropriately reduce the impression force between the rubber drum and the embossing drum, or choose the appropriate printing speed, appropriately reduce the speed. This reduces the stripping tension between blanket and paper after embossing.
  Paper due to raw material and manufacturing process, in the printing process may take off powder, wool phenomenon, accumulation on the surface of rubber cloth, thus affecting site right transfer, serious when every printed thousand or so have to scrub rubber blanket, blanket or on the stick full powder dropping off, printed products gloss decreased obviously. Therefore, conditional conditions on the surface of the paper overprint a white ink and water, scrub blanket.
  To sum up, the reason for printing paper powder, hair, is not only caused by the low surface strength of paper, but also includes improper selection of filler and sizing materials, insufficient pressing and so on. For more information, please visit www.lyjinshayun.com.
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