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Watermark paper in the manufacturing process, watermark paper can be made into paper by using the marks and patterns required by technical means. These patterns are not easy to see under normal circumstances and can be seen only against the light. Banknotes, important documents, facility drawings and various tickets in most countries are also printed with watermark paper. It integrates design, mold carving and network making in manufacturing, In complex technological processes such as paper making, checking watermark is also one of the effective means to identify true and false.
There is overlap in packaging printing, that is, the image printed with a printing plate is shifted wrongly, and two-way and triple image shadow can be seen in the number of prints. There are many reasons for overlapping, such as printing paper, teeth, barrel, silk screen printing ink, printing speed, printing ink viscosity and other factors are complex. Generally, the following methods can be used to check the reasons and solve them. Anti copy printing paper after copying, the words "copy" and "invalid" will appear, which can effectively prevent color copying of important documents. The appearance of another full absorption anti copy paper is blue or brownish red. The pictures and texts on the paper can be seen only through light, and the copies are dark.
The envelope paper is usually 250g or 300g thick paper. The paper type can be coated / matte paper, cardboard or art paper. The paper type can be coated / matte paper, cardboard or art paper.
1. Paper Description: coated paper is a commonly used envelope paper. It feels thick and gives people a sense of stability. It is suitable for all kinds of business.
2. Weight of paper: 250g, 300g, 350g, 400g.
3. Advantages: imported coated paper, sweat proof and moisture-proof, not easy to stick to dust, better color reduction, suitable for all kinds of colors.
4. Disadvantages: there are few disadvantages.
5. Design requirements: envelope design drawings with rich colors or large color blocks.
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