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來源:http://www.lyjinshayun.com/   發布時間:2021-07-16
You are familiar with the printing of picture books. Sometimes we often receive some publicity picture books, so I believe there will be some picture books that you are interested in having a detailed look. There are mainly two reasons. One is that you are interested in the content, and the other is that the printing design of picture books is what you like, right! Now, most people prefer simple and clear things, and so do picture books. Today, let's talk about five tips to make picture book printing look more concise. Now let's take a look at them!
1. The technique of design expression
Business owners need to fully convey the information they need to convey to designers. Designers must clearly and accurately convey the contents and image characteristics of album design through their own professional skills. If the album design of the investment company is mistaken for the album printing design of the cleaning company, no matter how beautiful and novel the exterior decoration form is, it is also a failure.
2. The expression of color
Just as the Chinese people use red as an auspicious color, there are taboos in Islamic areas; Blue in Egypt is often used to describe the color of the devil; Red is a poisonous mark in Czechoslovakia; Green is a kind of mark in Turkey. These are the habits of some different places. Each country and region has a different feeling of color. Therefore, before the design of your album, it is necessary to conduct targeted investigation and research in order to better adapt to the habits of consumers in different places.
3. Album printing paper
Generally, copper paper is widely used. It can be divided into matte copper and matte copper. Relatively speaking, matte copper is more reserved and stable. Of course, paper is still used by people. With unique design, brilliant printing effect can be achieved. Some thick album usually in order to consider cost savings, enterprises can also change the text paper for 100 grams of offset paper, the effect is quite good. In addition, there are special paper, the relative price is relatively high, generally used in the cover of the album, can improve the quality of the album.
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