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In a large number of classification of printing materials, calendar printing is a very demanding category. So how to ensure the quality of printing press? Here are some key points and precautions:
Before the desk calendar is printed, be sure to carefully check whether there are other words in the printed documents, whether there are improper punctuation marks, and whether there are any illogical places.
In order to ensure that the printed document does not lack font, all the text of the document are turned out
Check the format, mode and resolution of the image in the printed file; The format is a general format, such as JPG format, and the mode must be CMYK mode; The resolution is 300, which can't exceed the proportion of the image, so as to ensure that the printed picture of the brochure is exquisite.
Make sure there is no missing image and check whether the color block is in CMYK mode
Pay attention to whether the black text and lines overlap in the calendar printing, and whether the black text is monochromatic black, so as to avoid four-color text; In addition, if added manually, the marker line must be determined to be a four-color cover color.
Understand the binding method of documents to ensure correct collage, and mark the required marks on the large page of collage, such as finished line, setting line, ladder ruler, color mark, etc.
Bleeding should be carried out at an appropriate position, generally 3mm, sometimes 2mm ≤ 5mm due to the influence of paper size or post press processing conditions. The layout of layout and text should keep a certain distance from the finished product line, so as not to be cut off or affect the beauty of the page.
Ensure that the image is not according to the text or the text is not according to the picture (in some typesetting software, collage or image repositioning and other operations, the mutual exclusion between graphics and text often fails, so that the image is pressed on the text); In order to ensure the clarity of the text on the basic map (when the text is pressed on the basic map with similar color, pay attention to adding shadows or edges, etc.).
Generally speaking, the precautions of calendar printing are to ensure the quality of pictures and the accuracy of text content. As long as the quality of this aspect is well controlled, it is OK.
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