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In printing production, paper is one of the consumables which have high requirements for environmental temperature and humidity. Paper is a porous material. Its basic structure is composed of plant fibers and accessories, which has strong hydrophilicity. If the environmental temperature and humidity are not well controlled, it will lead to paper deformation and affect the normal printing. Therefore, to maintain the appropriate environment temperature and humidity is the key to improve the quality of paper printing and production efficiency.
The requirement of ambient temperature for ordinary paper is not so obvious, but when the ambient temperature is lower than 10 ℃, ordinary paper will become very "brittle", and the adhesion of ink layer on its surface will decrease in the printing process, which is easy to cause deinking phenomenon.
Gold and silver card paper is usually made of coated paper, white board paper, white card paper, etc., and then compounded with PET film or aluminum foil. Gold and silver card paper requires higher ambient temperature, because metal and plastic materials are very sensitive to temperature changes
When the ambient temperature is lower than 10 ℃, the suitability of gold and silver card paper will be greatly affected. When the ambient temperature of gold and silver card paper is about 0 ℃, when it is transported from the paper warehouse to the printing workshop, a large amount of water vapor will appear on its surface due to the temperature difference, which will affect the normal printing and lead to waste products. If you encounter the above problems, and the delivery time is tight, the staff can first turn on the UV lamp to let the paper run again, so that its temperature is balanced with the ambient temperature before formal printing.
In addition, low temperature drying, low relative humidity, paper and air moisture exchange, paper drying, warping, shrinkage, will cause poor overprint.
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