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1. When making packaging carton, it is usually necessary to die cut the printed products. When using flat automatic die-cutting machine for die-cutting processing, it is necessary to break several small holes by the die-cutting knife at its edge.
In the die-cut sheet on the formation of even points, in order to smoothly pull out the finished product from the machine after die-cut, the small break reflected in the die-cut box, the edge is not smooth, will more or less affect the beauty of the product. Therefore, when making up, you should try your best to stick the edge of the carton or put the side in the inconspicuous position on the edge of its mouth.
2. For more than two pieces of products, if the patterns between the two pieces can be seamlessly connected, one size fits all Postpress processing should be adopted as far as possible, without leaving gaps in the middle. Because the use of one size fits all method can save paper, save the cost of making knife mold, and is conducive to the cleaning after die cutting.
If the pattern between the two products can not be seamlessly connected, or limited by the shape of the two products, it can not be cut across the board, then generally speaking, at least 4mm wide knife row position should be reserved between the two products, and each product should have at least 2mm pattern.
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